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Robotics laboratory - Milestones

There are three teams of students working on computer vision, behavior control, and a communication infrastructure for a team of RoboSapiens. The milestones for the lab course are:

End of November 2004

RoboSapien brings the ball autonomously into the goal.
At the same time an opponent RoboSapien tries to defend the goal. The defender is controlled by a human with the help of a joystick.
Data can be send bidirectionally between the RoboSapiens and a
central computer via WLAN.

[milestone video]

End of December 2004 A RoboSapien acts as an autonomous goal keeper.
The RoboSapiens can localize themselves roughly on the field.
Single RoboSapiens report their believes about the ball position to a central computer where the local views are merged to a global one.
End of January
2 vs.2 game

[milestone video]
Middle of February 2005 4 vs.4 game


4 vs.4 demonstration game at the German Open 20005 at the Heinz-Nixdorf-Forum / Paderborn:

           University of Freiburg vs. University of Osnabrück

[milestone video]