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 RoboSapien at the German Open 2005

RoboSapien is a low-cost humanoid robot produced by WoWWee for the toy market. The original RoboSapien is controlled by an infrared remote control but we (the team NimbRo at the University of Freiburg) made it autonomous by replacing the head with a Pocket PC and a camera. The low price of this augmented RoboSapien makes it feasible to do multi-agent experiments with humanoid robots.

Within a robotics laboratory during the winter term 2004/2005 a team of students developed software to enable the robots to play soccer.

Another team of students at the University of Osnabrück (Brainstomers Robo Sapiens soccer team) prepared a team of soccer playing RoboSapiens as well.

Together we showed demonstration soccer games at the RoboCup German Open 2005 in Paderborn. See this video.

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