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DLR SpaceBot Cup 2015

The article by Jörg Stückler, Max Schwarz, Mark Schadler, Angeliki Topalidou-Kyniazopoulou, and Sven Behnke:
NimbRo Explorer: Semi-Autonomous Exploration and Mobile Manipulation in Rough Terrain
has been accepted for the Journal of Field Robotics. It appeared in vol. 33(4):411-430, Wiley, 2016.

Nimbro Explorer robot, local height map, 3D map


Our Team NimbRo Explorer is supported by the German Aerospace Center to participate at the DLR SpaceBot Cup 2015.

DLR SpaceBot Cup 2015

Further information is available here.

DLR SpaceBot Cup 2013

Max Schwarz and Sven Behnke:
Local Navigation in Rough Terrain using Omnidirectional Height
In Proceedings of Joint 45th International Symposium on Robotics (ISR) and 8th German Conference on Robotics (ROBOTIK), Munich, June 2014.

Omnidirectional Terrain Perception for Local Navigation    


Mark Schadler, Jörg Stückler, and Sven Behnke:
Rough Terrain 3D Mapping and Navigation using a Continuously Rotating 2D Laser Scanner
German Journal on Artificial Intelligence (KI) 28(2):93-99, Springer, 2014.


Video of our Explorer robot demonstrating exploration and mobile manipulation at the DLR SpaceBot Cup.


Map of the SpaceBot Cup arena created from 3D laser scans taken after the end of the competition.

SpaceBot Cup arena map


An informative article on the competition by dw.de: Weltraum-Roboter im Wettstreit


Press release of University of Bonn on the results of our team: Roboter demonstrieren mobile Manipulation


In the afternoon, all teams had the opportunity to simultanously operate their robots in the arena. Our Explorer robot demonstrated autonomous grasping and storage of the battery pack and autonomous removal of the battery pack from its holder. It also removed the cup from the holder and placed it on the scale. The jury decided to award no trophies to any of the teams. No competition scores have been communicated to the teams so far.

Grasping the battery Grasping the battery Storing the battery Regrasping the batteryTrying to insert the battery Removing the cup from the holder Placing cup on the scale Cup on the scale Team NimbRo DLR SpaceBot Cup Robots


Our Explorer robot had its run in the unknown arena today. It created a 3D map of the terrain and navigated to one of the objects that where placed in the arena. It grasped this water-filled cup autonomously and placed it in the holding mechanism without spilling any water. After the official run ended, the robot navitated to the other side of the arena and climbed a hill.

Approaching cup Grasping cup Grasping cup Storing cup Climbing hill 


We tested in a small area outside the arena. We also tested the ground station and the network provided by DLR.

NimbRo Explorer Robot NimbRo network debugging Testing  Storing cup after autonomously grasping it  Operator station Programming team


First evening in the SuperCross hall, Rheinbreitbach.
The arena contains a variety of surfaces and obstacles.

DLR SpaceBot Cup Arena


University of Bonn released information for the media.


A first photo of our Explorer robot.

Explorer robot with Jörg Stückler (left) and Max Schwarz (right)


DLR published a video introducing our team.


The paper Mark Schadler, Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke:
Multi-Resolution Surfel Mapping and Real-Time Pose Tracking using a Continuously Rotating 2D Laser Scanner
has been presented at the 11th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR), Linköping, Sweden, October 2013.

3D map of a garage


A camera team visited our lab to produce a short movie about our team for DLR.


We finished sucessfully the test of the network emulator.


Representatives of DLR visited our lab to inform themselves about the progress of our preparations.


The official Kickoff for the DLR SpaceBot Cup took place in Berlin. 
Our team Nimbro Centauro is one of ten qualified teams who receive support from BMWi. 
The tasks in this challenge comprise autonomous exploration and mobile manipulation in rough terrain. 

Participants of the Kickoff Meeting for the DLR SpaceBot Cup, Image: Manuel Tennert, DLR

DLR SpaceBot Cup, Image: DLR

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